The operating efficiency of a pneumatic conveying system largely depends upon the effectiveness of its process valves. There are various types of valves vis-a-vis dome, plate, cone, butterfly, flap, etc valves in use for pneumatic conveying systems. Out of these, dome valves score high in terms of performance, effectiveness & ease of operation. Dome valve is simple in concept but revolutionary in performance. Dome valves offer following distinct advantages over other types:

  • 1. The design offers unobstructed material flow through the entire bore of valve. That means when open, it allows free path of material, without any obstruction.

  • 2. An inflatable circumferential sealing arrangement ensures air-tight seal in closed position which provides dust-free environment and saves energy.

  • 5. The design is simple, reliable and require minimal maintenance.

  • 3. These unique features make it inherently more efficient, reliable and longer lasting than other types of valves.

  • 4. Unique Dome cuts through the static column of material ensuring proper closing


Why dome valves at Macawber Beekay are the best?

With more than three decades of experience and over 1400 working installations in India and abroad, we at Macawber Beekay have perfected the design and manufacturing accuracy of dome valves, the same being a core component of our pneumatic bulk handling systems. These are manufactured using state of art CNC machines at our manufacturing works located at Keshwana, in the state of Rajasthan, India.

Macawber Beekay’s patented Dome Valves have applications in a wide range of industries - especially power, cement, ferrous / non-ferrous, sugar, chemical etc for mild to extremely abrasive material handling.

These valves are used for:

  • Ash
  • Ores
  • Minerals
  • Sand
  • Alumina
  • Zinc
  • Chemicals
  • Various Powders & Granules including Highly Abrasive
  • Toxic materials
  • Hazardous materials

They can be used for bulkhead, in-line or vent duties with same ease of operation.

These valves are operated through either pneumatic / hydraulic cylinder or an actuator depending upon their utility.

Dome valves are normally used as on-off valve in our systems but find their utility as control valve also using appropriate instruments. Available in various sizes ranging from 50 mm NB to 500 mm NB, domes can be offered in standard Cast Iron Construction or Alloy Cast Iron Construction to suit specific customer’s requirement.

The domes have wide operating temperature range upto 500 degree Celsius, with some special water-cooling arrangement to enhance life of the pneumatic seal and other rubber parts.

Macawber Beekay’s Dome Valves have a global reputation in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency and provide a long service life. Designed for ease in maintenance, replacement of any part is always quick and simple without use of any special tools & tackles

MACAWBER BEEKAY’S DOME VALVE - The Reliable and Original Bulk Materials Handling Valve...